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FAQ's / Series Information

Scoring System

This Glacial Lakes Championship Running Series (GLCRS) may consist of 10-12 scored events in a calendar year. GLCRS scoring will include only registered finishers of any GLCRS race. All registered finishers will automatically be placed in the Series Standings by Pickle Events. There is no cost or action needed to be taken by the athlete to participate in this series. An updated list of points will be displayed on this website after each series event. Series Points are awarded based on the following criteria:


At the end of the year, the top three runners in each Series Age Group (male and female) will receive a Glacial Lakes Series Championship award. To be eligible for an award a runner must finish a minimum of five series races.

Series Points become Official on December 8. Any corrections to the Series Points Standings must be made before December 8 to be eligible for the awards.

Anyone that registers and finishes each event in the series during that calendar year, will win a special "Did'em All" Award.

Race Criteria

To be a part of the Glacial Lakes Championship Running Series, each race must meet the following minimum standards:

New Race Application/Procedures

A limited number of events are a part of the Series. Events interested in being a part of the series must agree to follow all requirements of the Series (click here for Series Standards Document) and complete a Series Application (click here for Series Application) . As openings occur in the Series, the Board of Directors will review all applications to determine which new events will be a part of the next years Glacial Lakes Series. Email Jim Ruff or call (320) 235-1002 if you have other questions about becoming a part of the series.

Contact Us

Email Jim Ruff or call (320) 235-1002 with questions about the Glacial Lakes Series. Questions or corrections regarding the Glacial Lakes Standings should be emailed to Pickle Events.

Series Board


President — Jay Lawton
Vice President— John O'Neill
Treasurer — Katie Swenson
Secretary — Jay Lawton
Treasurer— Jim Ruff
Recorder— Laura Beier

Board Members

Steve Lueders
Roxanne Lorenz

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